9 Mom Profiles That Fail Big Time

Parents with so-called marvelous mom profiles don’t necessarily make the best mothers. I am far from being the perfect parent but many mothers out there kind of go overboard trying too hard to be ideal parents. Although we can try our best to give our children the best childhood and upbringing, it is almost impossible to be perfect as a parent.

There is a thin line that divides good and bad parenting and it can be a delicate balance between raising a spoiled child and a kid with a good head on his or her shoulders. I am no expert in judging mom profiles or telling the difference between proper from failed upbringing but here are some things that I think many mothers fail at by trying too hard to be perfect parents.

No Bad Language

Yes it can be piercing to a mother’s ear to hear our kids swear, especially if they are still young toddlers. When you think about it, kids that young usually hear their own parents or older siblings swear and just repeat what they hear at home. They can also get it from television. We are often guilty of depositing our children in front of the TV to get them out of our hair for at least a couple of hours. So why scold our kids or wash their mouths with soap to make them stop saying bad words when we are probably at fault that they learn these words in the first place?

Feeding Kids A Restricted Healthy Diet

So it is a trend for many health conscious adults to go on a vegetarian diet or to at least eat only organic produce. It is healthy to go organic, but it is also expensive to eat every meal of the day. Forcing young toddlers on a strict vegetarian is to me, a bit inhuman, especially when they see their friends goggle down meat or chicken. Going organic is much better than force-feeding your child on a vegan diet which in fact is not a balanced diet for a growing child.

My Kid Is The Most Awesome In The World

Okay, so you are proud of your kid, but every mother usually is. If your child tops the class in math or whatever subject, you don’t have to repeatedly brag about it to your friends. Of all the mom profiles, this will raise the most eyebrows. It can be irritating to constantly hear your praises for your own child. Think about what this does to your kid every time he hears you tell everyone that he or she is the smartest, cutest or most amazing kid in the block. You will end up raising a stuck up kid and ruin his chances of forming normal friendships. You may also likewise lose some friends of your own.

My Baby Is 32 Months Old

A 32 month old baby is no longer a baby but a budding toddler who is almost 3 years old. Just say your kid is 2 years and a half or whatever and quit trying to make other moms do the math. If your child is over a year old, stop calling him a baby or referring to his age in months. That’s what “years” are for.

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Written by Bobbi

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