Lone Wolf Dog Is Terrified Until This Happens

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When a lost wolf dog was found in an L.A. suburb, residents thought they had just found an abandoned dog. Little did they know that the stray dog was not actually your usual domestic canine. Castiel, as what he is now called, is a wolf dog, and one that was in extremely unhealthy state.

Little Things
Little Things

Castiel was found with a bad case of mange, underweight, and full of parasites. Local residents called a shelter upon finding Castiel so that he could be cared for and taken off the streets. Unknown to those who found him and other people who took him in, a shelter was not ideal for Castiel’s wild wolf ways.

Being a hybrid, half dog and half wolf, Castiel could not be accommodated at a normal shelter due to its characteristics and special needs. Someone had to immediately adopt the poor wolf dog before he was to be euthanized.

Wolf Dog Hybrids Don’t Adapt Well To Shelter Life

Little Things
Little Things

Given Castiel’s unique breed, it was going to be difficult for a family to adopt him. A wolf dog has special needs of both a domestic canine and a wild wolf. It would not be easy to find Castiel a home or someone who could properly care for him.

Fortunately, an organization that specialized in caring for wolves and wolf-dog hybrids, could take Castiel in. The Colorado based W.O.L.F Sanctuary (Wolf Offered Life and Friendship) had room for Castiel and he was taken in by the organization before he was to be euthanized.

Once at the shelter, the poor wolf dog still looked lost and scared. Shelter employees thought of introducing Castiel to a companion, a female wolf dog named Tenali. Tenali was a 3-year old wolf dog that was living in a Wisconsin shelter for hybrid dogs, Tenali, unlike Castiel, was a very hyperactive and sociable wolf dog. She was just what Castiel needed to get her out of her shell. The two hybrids eventually became inseparable.

Tenali A Female Wolf Dog At The Shelter Became Castiel’s Companion

Little Things
Little Things

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