9 Things You Don’t Have Time For Once You’re Over 30

Women in their 30s/

Women in their 30s

It can be tough to be in your 20s with a decade of mistakes, some bad relationships, and career insecurities. You will be glad to be in your 30s when things will be much easier at work and with relationship matters. A decade of experience will give you the knowledge to make life run smoothly when you get older.
Being in your 30s will also include making less mistakes and avoiding things that you should leave behind in your 20s. Here are nine tips to live by once you’re over 30 that will help you avoid issues you shouldn’t waste time on.

1) Taking Low Paying Jobs

After your first decade in the workforce, you should have gained enough work experience that will earn you a significant amount of money. Don’t settle for jobs below your skill level and learn to ask for what you are worth in terms of income. You are too old to struggle with a paycheck that is only good for interns and entry-level occupations.

2) Letting Yourself Slide

Your metabolism will slow down as you get older and you won’t be able to maintain your youthful figure if you don’t work hard to maintain it. Watch what you eat and do some exercise whether it is at the gym or playing a sport regularly. Try yoga classes to know if it is something you might enjoy. Yoga won’t only benefit your figure; it will also give you more energy and peace-of-mind.

3) Being Okay With Who You Are

Do not apologize for what other people expect you to be when you want to be just the way you are. Learn to accept your real self and do what you love to do. This applies to your career, relationships and lifestyle. You are too old to apologize for not living up to other people’s expectations.

4) Date Better Men

You ought to be done experimenting with men and know what kind of guys you want in your life. Drop toxic relationships and wasting time on boys who are not good for you and your future. By the time you are in your 30s, you no longer have time for romantic affairs that go nowhere. This is a great decade to think about committed relationships and who you wish to be with on a long-term basis.

5) Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

Younger girls in their 20s tend to compare themselves to other women. This is a sign of insecurity which is not uncommon for younger people. By the time you reach 30, you should have more confidence and belief in yourself. Being comfortable in your own skin is one of the advantages of being older. You don’t have to care what other people think at this age.

6) Using Cheap Beauty Products

By now, you should be earning enough to buy better make-up and styling products. Use this opportunity to look and dress up like a respectable 30-year old. Looking well-put together will be beneficial in various ways, in your career advancement and personal life. The difference of using cheap and more costly make-up is visible in the way you look.

7) Moving On

You have moved on to your 30s and you should focus on your present and future life. Forget the past career mistakes and bad relationships. You don’t have the time to dwell on the past which will just distract you from living in the present.

8) Accepting You’re Emotional

Pretending to be always OK is the kind of thing you would probably do in the past. That was when you were struggling to show the world that you were doing fine despite the fact that you could barely keep your head above water in your 20s. Now that you are more mature and more knowledgeable, you should not care what other people think, Be yourself. It is alright to show how you really feel.

9) Stop Settling For Less

Now that you are an independent 30-year old woman, you can live life the way you want and be pickier with the men you date. Do not settle for half-baked men-boys. You now deserve men who are successful in their own right, have a good and steady job that pays enough. You do not have time to waste on relationships that will drag you down.

Being over 30 gives you the opportunity, experience and knowledge to take charge of your life and make it how you want it. Don’t waste your time on things that can make you stay stuck in your 20s lifestyle of insecurity and uncertainty. It is your time to roll and enjoy life at its peak.

Written by Bobbi

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