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Sarah Scribbles Comics

Sarah Scribbles Comics is a popular online site that depicts the common struggles of the modern woman with a twist of humor and sarcasm. Sarah Anderson is the 24-year old artist from Brooklyn, New York who creates the drawings on the website illustrating very real struggles women experience in their everyday life.

Women understand these cartoons below which girls have to go through every month for, not just years, but quite a few decades of their life. Mother Nature has given women one of the greatest gifts on earth (sarcasm intended) – Monthly Periods!

Sarah Scribbles Comics
Sarah Scribbles Comics


As great and fabulous as women can be, men have to understand that women go through strange hormonal changes each month that can drive people around them up the wall. Things like mood swings, irritability, and going ballistic at anything or anyone within reach for nothing.

Women on the other hand personally experience symptoms and a lot of hassle during their monthly periods. Imagine going on a grand exotic island vacation for a week, only to have your period arrive just when you were about to hit the beach. It could be worse if you suddenly had it in the middle of work or at a party without sanitary products within reach. The discomfort and sometimes, pain, are things we would rather be without for the rest of our lives!

When you think nothing  else could go wrong.

Sarah Scribbles Comics
Sarah Scribbles Comics

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