11 Ways Ambitious Girls Date Differently

Most ambitious girls today started life with a hard up childhood growing up in a lower or lower-middle class class neighborhood. Most of them never fit in at school and were forced to do things on their own to survive university and life as an outsider.

If you were to listen to stories from successful women who had to crawl up the corporate ladder, you will hear some pretty awesome stories about survival and struggles to get to the top in a male dominated work force.

There certain traits that many ambitious girls practice to get to the top. Some of these can be considered ruthless or cold, but one must understand that, that is what it takes to climb up the ladder in today’s tough corporate environment.

1. Ambitious girls will not let a relationship use up all their time but they will pour a hundred percent into a relationship if they are in one, provided that it does not get in their way to success. Women who are focused on their career have other priorities more important to them than personal or romantic relationships. Although they allow themselves happiness outside of work, this part of their life will not take over a hundred percent of their time and energy.

2. Women who are motivated in their careers are not out searching for a difficult challenge but are willing to face people who dare to challenge them. They are not looking to make their life more difficult than it already is and are more interested in someone who can make them grow and motivate them to be better.

3. Romantic liaisons mean something totally different to serious career women. Of course they like to date and have relationships just like any other girl, but they are more interested in someone who they can relate to. They need a man who can support them as they advance in their careers. Someone who will slow them down by demanding too much of their time just won’t cut it.

4. Go-getters do not play coy and usually say what is on their mind without a second thought. Playing hard to get whether in the office or in a relationship is something of a waste of time for ambitious girls. They simply do not have the time or patience to prolong things that can be done or said right now. Expect them to be upfront about everything leaving you to decide on what to do with whatever they throw your way.

5. Busy career girls also do not have time to dilly-dally. If you send her a text message, expect a reply within a few minutes if they are not in the middle of a meeting or deadline. They won’t let you wait half a day to get a reply or keep you hanging in suspense.

6. If you are in a relationship with a woman who is serious about moving up the corporate ladder, do not expect her to wait on you. This lady will likely be too busy working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week and she won’t have the time to be available every time you wish her to be beside you. This kind of girl will want a relationship with someone who understands this.

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