Find the truth about your wine survival skill

In ancient Rome, women were not allowed to drink wine! What What?! A husband could divorce or get away with killing his wife if he found her "indulging in the spirit". Things have fortunately changed over time! Now take this quiz and see if your knowledge of wine does our female ancestors proud.

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Grape Juice!

On average, how many grapes does is take to produce a single bottle of wine?


It takes a lot! - 736 grapes

On average, it takes 736 grapes to make a bottle of wine. It can vary depending on things like grape variety and on the condition (plump, dried or frozen) of the grape when it is picked.

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Remember Lucille Ball doing this?

The old Portuguese tradition of stomping on grapes to crush them into wine is called:

Foot Treading
Grape Stomping
Foot Crushing
Wine Treading

Foot Treading

Foot Treading is still typically done in producing small quantities of the most expensive port wines. Hope they filter out the toe jam!

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Who's counting anyway?

A standard glass of white wine has how many calories?


It's not too bad at 110 calories

A standard glass of white wine has 110 calories. So if you are aiming for a 2,000 calorie a day diet, well that’s 18 glasses of wine!

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Getting Corked!

What does the expression “the bottle is corked” mean?

The wine has been stored lying down and the cork has been kept moist
The wine has been opened and the cork reinserted to store the remaining content
The bottle has had a cork inserted and ready for waxing or wrapping
The wine bottle has a contaminated cork and the wine smells musty

It's musty

When the bottle is “corked” it means that the cork is contaminated and your wine sadly, smells like wet mold or wet cardboard.

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Grapes make the difference

How many different types of grapes are grown in California wine region?


It's 100

There are nearly 100 different types of grapes grown, the best known are Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Zinfandel.

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"It's Vintage!"

What does “vintage wine” really mean?

Wine make out of a single year's harvest of grapes
The older the wine, the more vintage it is
Wine made out of a blend of grapes from two or more harvests
The most expensive wines of a varietal

It means a single harvest

Wine make out of a single year’s harvest is a vintage wine. When producing wine from mixed harvest of two years or more it is a non-vintage wine.

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Le Vin!

What kind of French wine is made with pinot noir grapes?

Red Burgundy

It's Red Burgundy

A red burgundy wine is made in the Burgundy region of eastern France using 100% of Pinot Noir grapes. The best red burgundy wines are labelled Cote d’Or.

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How many bubbles are there in a bottle of Champagne!?


49 Million Bubbles!

There are about forty-nine million bubbles in a single bottle of “the bubbly”!

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Drinking Dirt?!

Soil type is a critical element in determining the wine diversity of a region. What region has the most soil types, offering up the greatest variety of wines?


It's Sonoma

Sonoma has 31 different soil types, allowing for the greatest diversity of wines produced in the region.

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mmmmm I love Chablis!

Chablis wine is grown in:

United States

Oh la la it's France

Chablis is about 160 km from Paris, in France. Fresh and bright, Chablis is a white wine that is rarely raised in oak barrels.

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Does the color matter?

What color of grape is used to make most white wines?

White Grapes
A mixture of both red and white grapes
Green grapes
Red Grapes

Red Grapes

Might surprise you, but vintners make most white wine from red skinned grapes.

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What to do?

When you are provided the cork at a restaurant, you should:

Ignore it, it’s a pretentious old tradition
Sniff it to make sure it smells fine
Taste it with the tip of your tongue
Inspect it for drying cracks or mold

Just inspect it

Inspect the cork to see if there are cracks or breaks, is it dried out or moldy. Also, many wine makers label their cork – does it match with the wine you have chosen? The only way to understand a wine’s quality is to taste it.

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J'aime le vin

Burgundy France is the ancestral home of the following two wines:

Chardonnay and Pinot Noir
Zinfandel and Chianti
Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot
Amarone and Merlot

Chardonnay and Pino Noir

Burgundy is the ancestral home of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir and one of the oldest and most important of the wine regions.

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Even wine changes its appearance with age!

What happens to these wines when they age?

White and red wine get darker
White and red wine do not change color as they age
White wine gets lighter and red wine gets darker
White wine gets darker and red wine gets lighter

White gets darker and Red gets lighter

White wine actually gets darker and red wine gets lighter than when it was bottled. Depth of color when bottled is also influenced by the varietal.

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Getting corked?

Before the cork, Greeks and Romans used a layer of olive oil to “seal” the wine, and the French used an oil-soaked rag. What year was the cork brought into use?


It was 1780

In 1780 the cork came into common use, making bottle aging possible. The corkscrew was patented in 1860 in New York. How the heck did they get the cork out before!?

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Grab the Grape!

The best way to hold a glass of wine is:

White wine by the stem, red by the bowl
White and red wine by the stem
White and red by the bowl of the glass
White wine by the bowl, red by the stem

By the stem

Always hold the glass by the stem. If holding by the bowl, your hand heat raises the temperature of the wine, and can change its taste. It also keeps your finger prints off the glass!

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Find the truth about your wine survival skill

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