7 Topics You Won’t Find In Any Woman’s Magazine – And Why

The Fashion Foot

The Fashion Foot
The Fashion Foot

1. No one talks about getting your clothes tailored. Fashion and women’s magazines do contain a lot of advertisements and stories about designer clothes and labeled clothing lines. This is how magazines make money, from ads of fashion and clothing companies. They will never do a story that takes profit and business opportunities away from their advertisers.

2. Buying your clothes from a cheaper store can help you save a lot of money but women’s magazine will never suggest that. A dress you can buy at Forever 21 can look as good as a simple designer dress. If people ask where you bought your nice dress from Target, just say that you got it at a Zara outlet which is likely your fashion magazine’s major advertiser.

3. Women’s magazines are full of sexy-looking women in skinny jeans and other figure hugging outfits. You will never find a fashion magazine suggesting that you wear more comfortable elastic waist trousers or jeans.

4. Shaving hair off awkward body parts such as toes and the back of your fingers or how to get rid of facial hair on women. The magazines will publish ads of expensive salons though.

5. Why do women’s magazine only post stories about successful female CEOs, women in politics and the like. How about writing a story about a waitress or a female bus driver? No, women’s magazines are supposed to help ordinary women escape from their mundane life and jobs. Dream on.

6. Aside from topics, why do women’s magazines always feature models that are skinny, sexy, and waif-like? How about featuring normal figured women or write a story about how normal-shaped girls can dress attractively.

7. It would be nice to find a recipe in a woman’s magazine where you could find every single ingredient in your neighborhood supermarket and without having to google what that weird sounding ingredient is? But no, you might have to visit that high-end deli store that is advertised in the opposite page of the recipe.

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