How Much Do You Know About Wine?

How much wine trivia do you really think you know? Yes, you may drink it often but do you know who first made wine? No, not the French, and neither did the Italians. You might be surprised about these little known facts about your favorite drink.

1. Who Invented Wine?

The Italians or French did not invent wine. The oldest known region to make wine was in the Middle East. Some wine trivia experts say it was invented in Iraq in the Neolithic age. Mountain villagers in 5400 BC stored wine in pottery jars. In the Nile Delta around 3000 BC, Egyptian Pharaohs enjoyed wine so much, they wanted to be buried with thousands of containers of wine in their tombs.

2. Wine And Royalty Go A Long Way Back

Members of Roman nobility were also known to have been buried with wine way back in 325 AD. The world’s oldest bottle of vino was found in Speyer, Germany in the tomb of a Roman nobleman. The discovery was made in 1867 and the bottle is still on display at Historisches Museum der Pfalz in Germany.

3. Who Drinks The Most Wine?

Believe it or not, China is now the leading consumer of red wine. Not only do the Chinese like the flavor, they also consider the color red as a sign of luck. It is also said to be favored by the government which basically controls Chinese trade and goods available for consumption in China. In the United States, California, New York, and Florida are the biggest consumers of wine.

4. Before The Cork Was Invented

Another little known fact about wine trivia is how wine bottles were sealed in the olden days. Cork was not always used to seal wine bottles. The Romans and Greeks were known to have used olive oil or oil-soaked rags stuffed into the neck of wine bottles. It was not till the 1780s that corks became commonly used to seal bottles.

5. Strange Wine Trivia About Killing For Wine

Here is another strange wine trivia you ladies might find interesting – In ancient Rome, women were not allowed to drink wine. If a woman’s husband caught his wife drinking it, he was permitted to kill her under the law.

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