Woman Turns School Bus Into A Cottage On Wheels

Here’s her story

She lived in it for 6 months but had to sell it because her car would not pull it. So she built another one called “The Nest”, a tiny 6’x6′ camper with a storage loft. It was green with a stained door. She lived in this one for 7 months, then because she was making plans to work in AZ in a contract position, and would be going back and forth from AZ to NC so much,  she sold that tiny house and bought a tiny bus. And she loves it!

Below are some pics of her bus right after its first coat of paint, rough framing, and the screen windows she installed in the back (none of the side windows would work, so she pushed them all up from the outside and locked them securely, and let them be). She put a screen window in the driver’s side window so she could get the breeze without the bugs until she could take off the bus door and install a wooden door with a screen at the top which she is still working on.

She has had a lot of rain lately which has slowed down the process. She has been living in this bus on the street in front of her oldest son’s house. She has a composting toilet, 5-gallon water storage bucket underneath the counter, water drain bucket, and solar lights and charger for cell phone and this iPad.


Written by Bobbi


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