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AWKWARD! That moment you realize that the judge presiding over your bond hearing is a former middle school classmate. The emotional reunion happened in Florida.
Judge Recognizes Burglary Suspect As Middle School Classmate
Burglary suspect has breakdown when he realizes judge presiding over his case was his middle school playmate
An unexpected class reunion occurred inside the unlikeliest of places – a criminal courtroom.
Miami, Florida judge, Mindy Glazer, was presiding over the case of a man arrested for burglary and theft on Thursday.
But she suddenly realized she had seen the man before – years ago in middle school.
The judge and the suspect had once been playmates at Nautilus Middle School,

Asking the suspect standing before her if he had attended the same middle school she did, the man instantly perked up and seemed to recognize the judge.
The suspect breaks into a huge smile when he spots his old pal.
But then remembering the embarrassing circumstances of their reunion, he immediately breaks down and repeatedly wails, 'Oh, my goodness! Oh, my goodness!'

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