10 Signs That Scream You Are Dating A Narcissist

Photo by Feed Fad
Photo by Feed Fad

If you suspect that something is wrong with the guy you are dating or if you think that he is just too good to be true, then your gut is probably telling you that something is not quite right. There are many signs that you can look out for and here are ten things that signal you may be dating a narcissist. How many dating red flags do you need before you are convinced you should to run for your life from a potentially toxic relationship?

1. One of the most common and telling signs you are with a narcissist is how a man will quickly sweep you off your feet when he begins dating you. Narcissists usually fall flat on their faces in love with someone new. He will claim that he has never been so in love with anyone as he is with you. He will be interested in everything you do and he will show you that you have many things in common. He will wine and dine you so often, it will seem like he cannot get enough of you. You will think he is the most romantic guy you have ever met and would be a perfect lover and partner.

2. In the beginning stages, he will try to project an image of being humble and imperfect. This is supposed to make you think that he is truthful. Do not be surprised if he starts telling you about his weaknesses and faults in his past.

3. Although you may think he is single and available, narcissists are rarely without a partner. He will claim that he had split with his last girlfriend or wife who refuses to let go. He will then justify continuous communication with the so-called ex because they are still good friends after the breakup or he feels responsible for their well-being – “as a friend only”.


4. You will feel flattered that he seems to be so proud of you. He will tell his friends how fantastic you are and brag about you to all his buddies and even introduce you to his family. He may even tell his ex about you, just to hurt her or try to get you and the ex to meet. Decent men do not hurt women from their past on purpose. It is cruel and he is not doing it because he is proud of you. You will eventually find yourself in the same boat as his ex.

5. Narcissists are highly sexual. He will want sex immediately and often. Watch out for signals that he wants to take you to bed on the first or second date. He will even try to get you intoxicated to get what he wants. He will likely not force himself on you, but he will usually get you to sleep with him, one way or another.

6. When he talks about his ex, he will make it look like it was all her fault. Pay attention to how many ex-lovers he has had and how all of them were at fault causing the split. He is broke now because the ex-wife took it all. He lost his business because of his wife or business partner. All the unfortunate things that ever happened to him will be someone else’s fault.

7. A narcissist you are dating will even show you that he is avoiding his “ex” by not replying to her messages or taking her calls. He will do this on purpose in front of you and tell you his ex is crazy and obsessed. Consider that if all his former lovers were nuts and everything was their fault, then he may be attracting the worst kind of people in his life or they are not psycho at all. Think about it.

8. He will tell you that so many people rely on him whether at work or within the family. He will make it appear that he is the only one working or making an effort to make his business successful. What you may not be aware of is that, someone else is actually doing all the work while he takes credit for their efforts.

9. Analyze his stories and how they just don’t seem to sound right. The stories may sound too good to be true or kind of out-of-this-world and illogical. He will make his life appear larger than life and it can make you amazed and wide-eyed but rest assured, all the amazing and unusual stories are meant to make you feel awed with him. It is a way to get your attention.

10. He will tell you how he dislikes confrontation and at first, you will not be able to imagine that he can get angry. He will appear to be the coolest person you have ever met. Nothing will ruffle his feathers and he will seem like he does not care about trivial issues. Once a narcissist sucks you into his life, be sure that he will eventually start showing aggression or pick fights without provocation.

If the new man in your life exhibits even just half of these signs – do consider reassessing your budding relationship with your guy. Yes, there are a lot of men who will mess you up, but there are more good men out there. Just look at the signs and be more aware of the real person you are dating. They say love is blind, but it doesn’t have to be.


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